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Flowers for 8 March



Flowers for 8 March

Here is approaching the most expected season of all, the spring. And together with this beautiful seasona holiday is approaching and no less beautiful.Women in all the world are waitting. It isMarch 8, the day when men show their gratitude and affection to the beautiful half of humanity. Naturally in this beautiful day women are spoiled with nice words, flowers, tenderness and of course gifts.

  Although it is said that "diamonds are the best friends of a woman", but the flowers are the most popular gifts. There symbolizes that the person who gives thought to the woman whom he gives away, trying to make the best choice in terms of color, shape, fragrance, arrangement etc to bring smiles and joy. Many of the men find it difficult to make a correct choice of flowers, especially in such an important day. And so wethought, to March 8 to create a guide to correct flowers giving. So what we wrote ... terms from this guide are not strict rules but rather some tips to keep the code of good manners. So ...

  The color of flowers are very important: the red signifies the passion, the yellow - jealousy, the white - purity. For women it is important to mention that in any case, there must not refuse abouquet of  flowers that menare giving.

  Usually, it offers an odd number of flowers in a bouquet,except funerals when jerbele bouquets and flowers contain an even number.

  Usually, in case of an anniversary, the gift must be accompanied by at least one flower. It depends on the type of taste and imagination, but to avoid the three carnations trivial, we recommend gifted season flowers (tulips, snowdrops, lilies, chrysanthemums, freesias, roses).

  The code of good manners says that flowers should be offered without an outer flowersscreaming cover in what the seller putit. We totally agree with that, a simple bouquet is very popular, especially stands out the beauty of flowers, no bright colors of the pack. In this respect, our opinion is that the bouquet can be wrapped up with white crepe paper around the stems, without the flowers arrive.

  If a visit to the hospital, not bring flowers that have a strong smell, and not very bulky.


A very elegant in the past it was usually to provide beautiful flowers by curier. It’s a habit that has been preserved to this day even more in recent years this method of giving flowers is in vogue. We must recognize that any woman would be impressed by this gesture. If you're among the lucky ones who receive such a bunch, it's very nice to call immediately the sender and “thank you” for flowers(of course, unless they are sent by an anonymous admirer).

  In closing, one last but very important rule: florilese give the stems down, and with flower above.


  We hope you learned something new, and that we've been helpful.